See inside a directed #voiceover session

Do you ever wonder what a directed #voiceover session is like? You know, the kind of session where the client wants to listen in via phone patch, or Skype, or Source Connect, etc. etc.

It’s no mystery really. Pretty straight forward. You setup just like a regular session, but instead you also have another person or group of persons listening in as you do your script reads. Almost ALWAYS the clients are polite and respectful. They will listen to your first read (usually), provide suggestions for the second reads, and nearly always provide encouragement and kind words about your performance. Remember, THEY hired YOU. So they know what you're bringing to the table... they WANT what you are bringing to the table.

And remember to be polite and respectful to them as well. Do NOT be a diva. There's no room for that anymore, if there ever really was. Just be a good partner with them, with the goal of creating a project all can be proud of.

Keep it simple. Don’t let fears rule you. Remember: they hired you. You’re the person for the job. They asked you to be on the project! Attack that thing like a boss! And then go get some more jobs!


The Voice Over Multiverse... what is it?

And welcome to the first ever installment of the Voice Over Multi Verse! A multi-dimensional excursion into the amazing worlds of Voice Over.

You might ask, and you would be right in doing so… Who are you? And exactly what will this excursion explore, and why should I come along?

Good questions all, and RIGHT NOW I will take a moment to provide the best possible answers for you.

Question #1 – Who am I? My Name is Paul Carter. I have been working in Voice Over for nearly three years now, pounding the digital pavement, searching out new prospects and projects, building a platform from which I can glean a career as a voice talent, and yet also provide high quality, professional services for all my clients. I can still recall that day when I hung out my digital “shingle” on the front door of my digital “store” announcing to the world I was open for business. Even then, I had the idea that one day I would share my experiences with others who are also looking for guidance and assistance through this crazy maze of confusion to find the nuggets of wisdom to get to the GOAL. The GOAL of making a CAREER in Voice Over.

In the three years since I started, I have had tremendous success – more than I could have logically imagined. But, I did not just one day decide to do Voice Over and Voila! It happened!

I actually have a long history (over 30 years!) of experience in recording and performing, I have owned my own private studios and recorded many other musicians, I have a technical degree in systems management and over 20 year’s experience as a Systems Engineer. All those experiences, and all those skills I learned over those years has served me extremely well in preparing me for a career in Voice Over.

As to Questions 2 and 3 – I can answer those together. This excursion into the Voice Over Multi Verse will explore ALL THINGS VOICE OVER. I will be discussing my experiences so far in the voice over marketplace, my upcoming goals and challenges. And, most importantly for YOU… I will be sharing my insights and lessons learned not only from the years in Voice Over, but also all the years of experience I have gained to get to where I am today. My hope is that this information, the things I will share with you, will help you too on your journey into Voice Over!

So come on! I hope you will come with me, as we dive into The Voice Over Multi Verse!