How good do I have to be to get started in voice over?

A lot of people may ask the question, how good DO I have to be to get started in voice over?


Well… the answer MAY surprise you!

The short answer is… well, it actually starts with another question.

And that question is: How badly do you want it?

Now that might piss you off, but stop for a minute and truly ponder that question.

How badly DO you want it?

The reason I ask that question is because it leads to the longer answer to the first question.

And here’s why…

If you answer the 2nd question with something like this: “Well… I don’t know… I THINK I want it…”


I would say this to your FIRST question: You gotta long way to go kiddo. You need to be the BEST before you even try to get started. And you are not the best.

Pretty harsh, huh? Stay with me here.

Because… If your answer to the 2nd question is something like this: “Well, I am in this until I can support myself completely only from my voice over income.”

Or this: “I am utterly passionate about voice over and do not ever see a reason to stop…”

Well then, NOW we have something to talk about!

See, if from the start you are already approaching voice over as something that’s “just a hobby” or “just tinkering” then quite honestly you probably are NOT taking it very seriously. And because of your lack of genuine interest, ALL THE WORK IN THE WORLD will not make you “good enough”. Not unless you are one of the very lucky few who are completely naturally talented at this, or if you just happen to stumble around long enough until you find your way.

But if you have the passion, the planning, and the courage to endure from the very first day, then you ALREADY have what it takes to be “good enough”.

But that does NOT mean you don’t have a lot of work to do! No way! There is still a LOT to do before you “kick off” so to speak.

But you definitely have enough of the gumption to at least “get started” in voice over. And there are many paths that you can take to start your career, MANY ways that newbie voice over talent can find work and get experience. More on that later.

Bottom line… most people are not necessarily “good enough” on the first day out of the gate when starting a voice over career. But if you have or are willing to develop the passion and planning and endurance to succeed… then you are already well on your way.