Union or Non Union? P2P or non P2P - Seriously?!?!?!

I CHOOSE to be a non-union voice actor!

There. I said it. And now I feel better.

No, in fact I feel GREAT!

Wanna know why?

Lemme ask… have you ever heard this:

Oh are you non-union? I thought so.

Oh you’re on the P2P sites? Hmmm… They’re sketchy aren’t they?

Oh you participate in (fill in the blank of any freelancer site)? Oh yea that’s all cut rate right?!?!

Yea. MeToo.

Folks I am sick and tired of the ages old ridiculous argument that non-union actors or those who find work through the P2P sites are less skilled, less professional, and just LESS!

Because it is NOT TRUE!

And this old saw about how non-union folks steal work from the elite union folks? Bah! I don’t believe it! And… (here’s a little secret)… even if it is true there has to be a reason. Maybe just maybe that non-union person was MORE skilled, and MORE capable, and was EXACTLY what the client wanted!

Gasp! No! Never!

Sorry folks but it is time to say this:

In this "modern" and “enlightened” age, the fight between union and non-union members and whether one or the other deservers to exist and "steal jobs" from the other really needs to just go away.

 Full disclosure – I was a union worker for many years. Teamsters. Still got the card to prove it (somewhere). For me personally I will never again willingly join a union. I had a very bad experience that left a horrible taste in my mouth. There was corruption. There was bullying. There was underhanded dealings. You name it. You can probably see it in any movie about union thugs you can imagine.

But wanna know what? I don’t HATE unions. They’re just a thing. They exist. Whatever.

And I CERTAINLY do not hate the union members!

Instead, I choose not to participate. Case closed.

But today, from the other side of the aisle, I witnessed some very bad behavior. And all done so in the name of “respecting” the industry. Went so far as to actually condone the mis-training of up-and-coming fledgling voice over artists.

Umm… not only no but HELL NO!

So… had to say something.

Come on folks. Just be kind to one another. There IS MORE than enough work to go around for both union and non-union folks to make it. And, if for some reason you are not getting the amount of work you THINK you deserve? Hmm… let’s chat. There could be something fundamentally tweakable in YOU that could actually be the problem. But we can fix that!

But actively trying to undermine others just because they don’t belong to your club. 

No way buddy. Buck stops here with that one.

Check out the short video below :-)