VO Demo Production

Questions: Email me at demos@paulcartervoiceover.com


Voiceover demo production special!

Just $1200!

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Demo session includes:

  • Two 1 hour training/coaching sessions

  • Custom Scripts

  • Full service - music, FX, editing, finalization, etc.

About Paul Carter and Vo DEMO Production

Hey, Paul Carter here. I have been a voiceover professional for many years and have produced many of my own demos right here in my own professional studio, the same demos I use to book voiceover jobs everyday.

I can help YOU produce a killer demo too, and help you get more bookings for voiceover projects!


TV/Radio Commercials and Promos


The process

My demo production process is designed to be as easy as possible for you the voiceover actor/artist/talent. You already have more than enough to be stressed about. My goal is take away as much of that stress as possible. If you don’t already have it click here for a free HOW-TO about how you can best prepare for your demo titled “How to prepare for a VO Demo.”

Let’s break it down into FOUR VERY SIMPLE simple steps:

  1. As soon as you contact me and say “Hey Paul I want you to produce my VO Demo” we will start chatting immediately via email, or Skype, or by phone or one or all of these. I will work hard to be up front, and quick, and honest about everything you should expect from me.

  2. We’ll chat about where you are in your development. What you are wanting to do. We can assess if you are even ready to produce a demo yet. If you are ready, we will chat about what you will expect to have to do to prepare.

  3. We will decide on what type of demo you want to produce (commercial, narration, radio imaging, etc.)

  4. When we are in full agreement, we will schedule the recording date; recommend coaching if needed; I will design and draft your scripts; you will have at least a couple weeks to practice; THEN… we record!